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Shoveling in 2018 may not be just for winter. March may go out with a roar!


February, and maybe March, bring lots of snow for most of the country and with it comes the dreaded task of snow removal. Shoveling your driveway is already a hassle; don’t let it be a pain in the neck and back, too. The American Chiropractic Association suggests the following tips to help you avoid muscle strain and other injuries when shoveling:

  • Use a lightweight, ergonomically-designed shovel.
  • If possible, push the snow aside instead of lifting. If you need to lift, bend your knees, allowing the muscles of your legs and arms to do the work instead of your back.
  • Do not throw snow over your shoulder or to the side. This requires twisting or turning motions that can cause injury.
  • Take frequent breaks – a fatigued body asks for injury.
  • Stop immediately and seek medical attention if you feel faint, dizzy or have chest pain.

If after a few days you continue to feel soreness or muscle strain, it may be time to visit your local chiropractic office.


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