About North Park Chiropractic Center

North Park Chiropractic Center is a practice that can fully address the needs of the patient.  It is an integrated practice employing the expertise and techniques of Chiropractic, Medicine (physiatrist), Acupuncture & Massage.  Also, Dr.’s Michael & Wendy Russo are “club doctors” for a local fitness center.  Our access to a variety of physicians in this area with whom we refer regularly gives us the ability to help you or get you on the right path toward better health.

The doctors and staff of North Park Chiropractic Center are dedicated to the health of our patients.  We advocate a healthy lifestyle and maintenance of a well functioning body. We provide traditional conservative Chiropractic care as well as medical diagnostic & rehabilitative services.  We provide expert, traditional  Acupuncture services and full-time massage services with 2 talented and professional therapists.  (See our ‘Links’ page).

Dr.’s Michael & Wendy Russo are a husband & wife team who started their practice in 1996.  Since then, they have enjoyed a growing practice of valued patients who refer their families, neighbors and friends for the expert care that they have come to expect.   The doctors continually advance their education to better serve their patients and recently added a laser guided diagnostic and treatment program for the relief and elimination of allergies, the Bax 3000.

For us, Chiropractic is very simple and easy.  It is natural and enhances the intelligence your body processes.  Through thorough examination, we locate areas of the nervous system that are compromised by subluxation (misalignment) of a spinal bone. Then, gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustments are made to reduce the interference that the misaligned bone may be producing.  We also address soft tissue structures which include muscles, tendons and ligaments that support spinal bones and joints throughout the body.  Providing proper soft tissue work leads to a dramatic decrease in healing time for most injuries.  Both doctors are versed in a variety of manipulative techniques to accommodate,  the young, the elderly and the any patient that might be apprehensive toward manipulative therapy.

Both Dr. Wendy & Dr. Mike are always available for consultation for your particular problem.  Be it a severe lower back strain, headaches or just simple maintenance (hygiene) of your spine, the doctors ALWAYS treat you like you are special and provide their full attention to all your health needs.   If your needs are beyond their specialty, they will work with your primary care physician and any other MD or non-MD practitioners in the area to help you.  They will refer when necessary to provide the fastest resolution of your condition.  So for all your physical health needs and for health issues that have not resolved with medical care, Chiropractic is the right alternative for you and at North Park Chiropractic Center you come first.