Allergies | Allergy Related Asthma

BioAllergenix is an allergy elimination system that utilizes computer and laser technology to identify allergies, and then eliminate them. The BioAllergenix system, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, can detect about 96,0000 substances that are potential allergens for patients. The system does this through its digital library, where the vibrational frequencies of actual allergens are stored in digitized form. With BioAllergenix, patients undergo an allergy test without needless or blood tests, since potential allergens are introduced to the patients electronically and the patient’s physiological response is measured electronically. This results in a fast and accurate list of the substances that individuals are allergic to.

Once a patient’s allergies are identified, the BioAllergenix system uses a cold laser to eliminate them. To do this, the system takes the electronic version of a patient’s allergen, which is stored in its computerized data base, and introduces the patient to that allergen while he or she is simultaneously receiving stimulation from the cold laser. A positive association is created in which the body safely receives the energy of the allergen in combination with the beneficial energy from the cold laser, thus reprogramming the immune system to safely accept the allergen in the future.