BAX 3000 Allergy Treatment

We are proud to announce that we are one of the first offices on Long Island to offer a revolutionary allergy testing and treatment procedure.

The BAX 3000 is the only FDA-cleared system utilizing state-of-the-art advances in technology and laser therapy to easily and quickly diagnose and alleviate the chronic symptoms brought on by allergies and other sensitivities. The results have been remarkable for thousands of patients.

The BAX 3000 is non-invasive and is safe for ALL ages.  There are thousands of substances in the BAX 3000 database, virtually insuring proper identification of all allergens that are ceating sensitivities for any particular patient.  It works by exposing the patient to the potential allergens in digitized formats which match the harmonic frequency of the actual allergens.  This makes the body believe it is in contact with the actual substance.  If the patient is allergic to that particular substance, the Bax 3000 notes the response based on the body’s reaction.

After identifying the triggering allergens treatment on the Bax 3000 is quick and easy and best of all painless. No needles or scratch test. Using a process known as positive conditioning in conjunction with laser therapy, the doctor exposes the patient to the identified digitized allergen, while stimulating specific nerve bundles at acupuncture points with a class III laser.  This laser stimulation in conjunction with the allergen frequency exposure re-educates the immune response to react approprately during future exposures to the actual substance.


For more information about Bioallergenix, please click here to read the brochure.