About BioAllergenix

BAX-3000, developed by Bio-Allergenix, IS THE ANSWER!

Bio-Allergenix has developed a revolutionary allergy elimination system called the BAX-3000. The BAX-3000 is a breakthrough technology in the assessment and clearing of allergies, food sensitivities and more!

The BAX-3000 uses state-of-the-art computer and laser technology to identify allergens based on an individual’s response and to reprogram the nervous system of that individual so that they react appropriately to these harmless substances. The BAX-3000 is completely non-invasive and is safe for all ages. The BAX-3000 works by exposing the patient to a potential allergen in the form of a digitized allergen. This digitized allergen actually matches the harmonic frequency of the actual allergen, making the body believe it is in contact with the real substance. The body will react if it is allergic to the particular substance, and the computer will note the response. There are thousands of substances in the BAX-3000 database, virtually insuring proper identification of the patient’s allergies.

After identifying the triggering allergens, therapy on the BAX-3000 is quick and easy. Using a process known as positive condition in conjunction with laser therapy, the health professional exposes the patient to the identified digitized allergen(s) while at the same time stimulating specific nerve bundles with a class 3 laser. This laser stimulation in conjunction with the allergen exposure re-educates the immune response to react appropriately during future exposures to the actual allergen.