Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that involves the wrist where nerves pass through the center of the wrist and into the hand. Symptoms often include pain in the hand, numbness in one or more fingers of the hand and tingling in various parts of the hand.

Patients often refer to the hand “falling asleep” while they are idle and will sometimes wake a patient from sleep due to tingling. Not all carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms come from the neck. There are times when neck problems, pinched nerves and active trigger points from the shoulder are culprits in hand pain, numbness and tingling.

At our office we utilize the services of a Physiatrist, a medical doctor who specializes in rehabilitation and diagnostic testing. With certain tests referred to as EMG, w can definitively diagnose a carpal tunnel syndrome problem from other causes. Not diagnosed properly or not treated early, a carpal tunnel syndrome problem can cause serious damage to the tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles of the hands.