Foot Pain

Foot pain can be the result of poor fitting shoes, the regular use of high heeled shoes, shoes that don’t offer proper support to the foot, disease, fracture, tendonitis or sprain and strains.

A proper Chiropractic examination should start with the foundation of the body, the feet. According to the specialists at Foot Levelers there are 3 arches off the foot; the longitudinal arch, transverse arch and medial arch. Foot Levelers orthotics and arch supports address these 3 arches by performing a mold in the weight bearing setting.

Looking at the foot in weight bearing helps to find the differences in these arches in comparison to each other and make corrections that create a strong and equal foundation. At our clinic we use bilateral weight bearing scales as well as radiographic analysis to sometimes evaluate the effects that arches that are too high of too low create.