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Welcome to North Park Chiropractic Center

North Park Chiropractic Center is a practice that can fully address the needs of the patient. It is an integrated practice employing the expertise and techniques of Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Massage. We practice traditional Chiropractic care for the pain and dysfunction associated with injuries, disc problems, scoliosis, accidents, chronic pain, and work-related injury. We take a bio-mechanical approach to the body often looking for the root causes of back pain which, at times, start with the feet, knees and hips and the subsequent subluxation, curvatures and changes to the spine and pelvis. We provide exercises for all levels of care and multiple therapies to reduce pain, spasm, nerve irritation.

As part of LISPINECARE.COM our doctors work closely with a large array of medical professionals of other specialties as well as imaging or advanced testing centers if that is required. This eases the need to search for a doctor or facility you are not familiar with but someone your doctor trusts and works with regularly. This gives us the ability to help you on the right path toward better health and resolve your issues quickly.

The doctors and staff of North Park Chiropractic Center are dedicated to the health and comfort of our patients. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and the maintenance of a well-functioning body. We provide traditional conservative Chiropractic care as well as exercise and nutritional guidance and rehabilitative services. We provide expert, traditional Acupuncture services and full-time massage services with a talented and professional therapist.

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Michael Russo is a Long Island native who returned after achieving his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. There he was lucky enough to meet a fellow student Dr. Wendy Russo, from Michigan. After being easily persuaded to marry Dr. Mike, they decided to return to Long Island to pursue their professional career in Rockville Centre. They have been here ever since.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Wendy have always shared a vision of a health care facility that ran on integrity, quality care and honesty. This vision, as well as hard work, helped build North Park Chiropractic Center in the heart of Rockville Centre. It continues today at our new location on North Centre Avenue.

Together Dr. Mike and Dr. Wendy bring a fresh approach to “Family Practice”. Both doctors provide personalized care that targets the patient in turn helping to reduce pain, repair injuries and maintain a healthier body. The doctors believe in strong Chiropractic principles of a healthy spine which result in better overall health and wellness. After a patient’s problems are resolved, periodic care will help prevent future injury.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Wendy always educate their patients on home care and exercise to also help prevent future injuries as well. Caring, compassionate, personalized care, that’s the difference at the office of Dr.’s Michael & Wendy Russo.

Michael S. Russo, DC

Dr. Michael Russo grew up on Long Island, a graduate of Oceanside High School. Once in college he had planned to enter the health field but was unsure which discipline was right for him. Soon after starting he experienced an injury from an automobile accident that changed his life.

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Wendy S. Russo, DC

Dr. Wendy Russo grew up in the metropolitan Detroit area where she received her bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. She has been a chiropractic patient since her early teens and comes from a “long line” of chiropractic patients in her family.

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